Ships of Battle Age of Pirates

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Are you also intrigued by the Golden Age of Piracy in the caribbean? The best pirate game on mobile is looking for you! Your Pirate Battleship is waiting for you! Ships of Battle : Age of Pirates .

Navigate the caribbean seas, set sail in your own Pirate battleship and travel to places like Cuba, Florida or even to Nassau! As a former member of the Blackbeard navy, you are now a Pirate Warship Captain on your own. This means that you need to create an entire Pirate Empire, traveling routes and ultimately, defeat Blackbeard himself!

To do this you are tasked with many minor and major quest to fulfill this goal! You may be asked to defeat a certain historical figure in the open seas of the caribbean, help a governour of one of the major settlements and make peace, or war if you so desire! The caribbean sea is full of different warships and battleships, so be careful!

The Pirate Battleships in Age of Pirates are upgradable with many different options. If your battleship is opting to going to war with another warship, you’ll want to look your best right? Therefore we have inserted many different options to customize your Pirate Battleship!

More than 20 Pirate Warships, including legendary ones straight out of history!

Many different ways to equip your ship with certain ammo types

Different quest lines! From a real story to gaining favours with major settlements

One of the best 3D you’ll ever see in a mobile game!

The updates for Age of Pirates keep coming, so stay tuned and keep shooting canons with your Pirate Battleship!

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APK आवृत्ती 1.55
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